The city-state of Lokiir is set amid the Lokiiri Steppe, a range of relatively flat grasslands in north-western Ish’unda, on the eastern banks of the Brekang Sea. Lokiir is flanked on two sides by arms of the Rayumar Mountains, with the Velaorra Swamp to the south and the Lok Canyon to the east.

Lokiir is a technically a Republic, represented internally by the Senate of 29, chosen from the nobility to lead. Additionally, the Lokiiri, even the Senate, looks to The Three Wisdoms to guide them. While they maintain their independent sovereignty, Lokiir is one of the human states of the Alliance of Five Races.

Much of the city resides atop the Ivory Cliffs, which overlooks the southern district of Kalen Port on the coast. A great stairway connects the two parts of the city, which many consider almost a district to itself, considering the multitude of houses and establishments built along it.

The warriors of Lokiir are famous for their Blue Horn Rhino Riders


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