The Founding Elements

The Founding Elements is an old text written by Scribe Fellenbaumer in TR.6408, which describes the founding of the City-State of Rhodin, briefly touching on the fall of Izmiiria, through the Oblivion Cult, and ending with The Final Battle for Rhodin.

The book begins with a note on the Sumdal Accords, which is considered to have brought about the downfall of Izmiiria. It continues on to note Sogarth’s rise as a leader in the chaotic aftermath, and his exodus from the island to Del’unda. It is well-known that Sogarth took a small fishing village and built it up to one day become Rhodin, but this book details that journey.

The Oblivion cult rises as a result of the constant threat of destruction from the wild men chasing the refugees. In early spring TR.6031, Ghaisiran and Jian discover that the demons and devils which befell Izmiiria have partially followed them, and are moving through the people, encouraging the nihilistic worship of, simply, the void.

In the end, it details The Final Battle for Rhodin and its aftermath, as well as what became of the Awakening Stone.

The 3rd edition of this book mentions a Spear of Destruction in conjunction with some of these events, but the revised 5th edition given to The Greater Good by Thorbauld Aldom contains no reference to it. The parable referenced is apocryphal in nature, so it’s removal may indeed be valid.

The Founding Elements

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