Spear of Destruction

The Spear of Destruction is a storied weapon from the history of Del’unda. Legends say that when it was plunged into the Bannuseyd Mountains it created the Rhodine Pass. Regardless of the truth of that, the Spear is known to have a powerful effect on inert material, and is capable of breaking down rocks and metals with ease.

In the third edition of The Founding Elements, the spear is supposedly referenced by Ghaisiran as a possible means of destroying the Awakening Stone. In the parable, he and Sogarth query the gods as to its whereabouts, but the gods tell them that it is not their destiny to destroy the stone.

Dungeon Busters acquired it sometime in the TR.6990s, though by then only the spearhead remained.

The Greater Good employed use of the Spear to destroy a Crystal Growth below Rhodin in TR.7028.

Spear of Destruction

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