Gods of Lokiir

Below is a list of the gods worshiped in Lokiir. Three Primary Gods fill the roles of the earth, sky, and sea, which the Lokiiri recognize as the greatest forces. The Earth God Rheyore they worship most profoundly as the land is where they live and thrive. The Sky God Maiwaas is neither good nor evil, but is the cradle between earth and sea. And the Sea God Zezzorem, who is not to be trusted, like the waters they tread. Each of these Great Gods have five lesser gods beneath them, who represent facets of the greater part, and also the intersections of the gods’ domains.

Worship of these gods spread across most of Ish’unda as Lokiir exerted influence, and then spread across the Brekang Sea to Rhodin following the Lokiiri Invasion of Rhodin.

Sea God – Zezzorem
- Ezoda, The Dark Warrior
- Turl, The Scale Provider
- Daitroth, The Calm Horizon
- Aswrack, Shipbreaker
- Oqua, The Outsider

Sky God – Maiwaas
- Astur, The Mage
- Ho’emm, The Cold North Wind
- Tanen, The True Voice & The Lover
- Poel, The Star Forge
- Mohonesh, The Whisperer

Earth God – Rheyore
- Crin, The Swordsman
- Sylef, The Eternal Spring
- Vorhino, The Fiery Maw
- Qaroghys, The Wild Goddess
- Erright, The Forrest Father

The Lokiiri also worship three orbs: Perenthi, Lerenthi, and Orothi, each within the sphere of control of one of the primary gods above.

Further, their after life (often called the “after-world”) is ruled over by Samranna and her husband Atal.

Gods of Lokiir

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