Ghost Crusade Letter

I, Lord Belhain, have assumed command of the Battalion, following the disappearance and/or deaths of my predecessors, listed here:

Hinlor Fanollas
Toledai Preoler
Dulaado Ngonza

These leaders, along with 5 company captains, 17 squad leaders, 383 men-at-arms, and a number of camp followers & workers have all perished or gone M.I.A. in the three months that the Ghost Crusade has been underway. Their sacrifice cannot be forgotten, and nothing short of total victory will be accepted as tribute to these fallen. We are happy to report that with the help of the mages on loan from the Chamber, we have secured our barricade lines 25 miles north of Modniir, within striking range of the town, which we know is the heart of this infestation. We have refitted Cerad Fort on the bank of South Tancha river, and have held it impregnable for 5 weeks. We believe that this represents the stemming of the tide: there will be no deeper incursion.

As for your concerns over the cost of such an endeavor, thanks to the generous donation from our benefactor, we are still operating within the initial budget. As you can see with the precise figures below, this sum will expire within the month. Though I very much doubt the loyalty of my men would waver if funding expired, the resolve for many of them comes from the knowledge that their families are being taken care of. I implore you to find the gold somewhere, if only to avoid a day where these hardened men must choose between protecting the realm or protecting their family.

Lord Branat Belhain

Below this note is a figuring of all the costs of the crusade. Tallied for the approx. 90 days, the total is approaching one million gp. The soldiers are receiving pay of 8 silver a day, while their leaders are earning as high as 75 silver a day. The camp followers earn merely 3 silver a day, but because of their great numbers (4723 as of the letter), they by far represent the most gold.


Battalion Commander— Lord Branat Belhain, commanding 867 men-at-arms (of 1275)
|—Lieutenant Commander— Major Kiyazani Yhommi
|—Company Captains
|——-Echor Ndero——————— (169 men)
| |—-Squad Lieutenants
| |—-Cenaz (33 men)
| |—-Nalryno (28)
| |—-Aldia (43)
| |—-Eldiim (36)
| |—-Nykina (29)
|———Aeltori Ukali—————- (189)
| |—-Squad Lieutenants
| |—-Awo’ke (35)
| |—-Tonlit (39)
| |—-Elerro (32)
| |—-Creondi (43)
| |—-Xaniibo (40)
|———Nidex Yorqo——————- (172)
| |—-Squad Lieutenants
| |—-Eltinye (27)
| |—-O’hono (38)
| |—-Kallotur (36)
| |—-Ustraki (47)
| |—-Zhurtur (24)
|———Salhel Osperi—————- (209)
| |—-Squad Lieutenants
| |—-Theralor (38)
| |—-Vesler (49)
| |—-Kihuru (39)
| |—-Lelufed (37)
| |—-Kelath (46)
|———Yoondei Dagavetgas———(128)
|—-Squad Lieutenants
|—-Inabelli (30)
|—-Ia’tanalu (14)
|—-Sedra (24)
|—-Rohkaad (39)
|—-Turebei (21)

Ghost Crusade Letter

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