Brotherhood of Nalri and Vomni

The Brotherhood of Nalri & Vomni is a mercenary band from Lokiir, formed in TR.6799 to protect the city from an ongoing Ormiiri invasion. The brothers, Nalri and Vomni, were famous adventurers in and around the city in those days.

In the ages since, the Brotherhood has grown to be one of Lokiir’s most reliable assets in time of war, often taking long contracts with the city-state in exchange for senatorial positions or negotiated guildhall taxes.

In TR.7028, under the command of Komeera Mar, the Brotherhood took part in the Lokiiri Invasion of Rhodin, mostly deployed as agents before the First Battle of Sovereigns.

The Brotherhood consists of three well-honed companies of men, approximately 750 men.

Brotherhood of Nalri and Vomni

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